Is The American Bully a Pit Bull?

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I remember years ago when I purchased my first American bully it was so hard explaining to my family and friends what type of dog breed I had. I knew I had an American bully, but at the end of the day I still told my family, friends and complete strangers who were interested in my bully that he was, “a pit bully” or that he was, “a pit bull with more muscle mass and that sometimes they were called an American bully”. I was completely wrong back then! Let me answer your question, “Is the American bully a pit bull?”

Many individuals who own the American bully still call them pit bulls because they don’t know any better. The general population doesn’t know what an American bully is. Also, many individuals don’t want to go through the process of explaining what an American bully is.

Future and potential owners of the American bully often wonder if they’re the same as the pit bull breed. While, the American bully shares many similar characteristics of the pit bull, they are not the same. The American bully and pit bull are more along the lines of being first cousins.

Imagine seeing a pro-bodybuilder standing next to an Olympic sprinter. They are both athletes, but they are different types of athletes. The pro-bodybuilder needs bulk and mass to compete in body building shows, while the Olympic sprinter needs to stay lean, yet muscular to be able to sprint really fast.

The American bully was designed from the image of the pit bull. But the American bully also has other breeds mixed in such as the English bulldog, French bulldog,  American Staffordshire terrier and mastiff breeds mixed in them. I will go into depth about the mixtures of breed in the American bully in another future blog post.

So in short the American bully is not a pit bull. However, they do share similar characteristics with the pit bull, but also with other bully and molosser type dog breeds. I repeat the American bully is not a pit bull!

By. Clark Lee

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