5 Tips Too Keep Your American Bully Healthy

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1. Exercise Your Bully!

Exercise for your American bully is very important! When your bully is physically active it will keep him happy and healthy. Also, it will lessen problem behaviors because your bully will feel satisfied from releasing all of his energy through exercise. Exercising your bully will help him stay agile and in peak condition. Another benefit of exercising is it will keep your bully’s weight under control. Exercise can come in the form of a simple walk. There are many other activities that you can do with your American bully to keep them in shape, but I will go over that in a future blog.

2. Stimulate Your Bully’s mind!

American Bullies are very intelligent animals. It is up to you as the owner to stimulate their mine. You can stimulate their mind by teaching tricks, introducing them to new surroundings, or bringing new smells into their homes. There are so many ways to stimulate your bully’s mind! My favorite way to stimulate a bully’s mind is to have him really work hard for his food by hiding it or stuffing it in a chew toy (like a Kong Dog Toy).

3. Daily Routine Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your American bully’s daily routine maintenance. Daily routine maintenance is the daily care that your bully needs to be kept at optimal health. Daily routine maintenance consists of:

  • Monthly Grooming (clipping toe nails, cleaning fur, cleaning ears)
  • Routine vet checkups
  • Feeding a healthy diet
  • Supplementation
  • Exercise
  • Mental stimulation

4. Meet Your Bully’s Dietary Needs

If you read my last blog “What to Feed Your American Bully”, you will understand how important it is that you meet your bully’s dietary needs. By meeting your bully’s dietary needs you will keep him healthy for a very long time and help him grow into his true potential.  Always make sure to give your bully fresh water daily. You may supplement with vitamins if you wish.

5. Give Your Bully All of Your Love

This is the most important tip! You must give your American bully all of your love. These amazing creatures are a true gift. By allowing your bully to experience your love, you will see the best qualities of your bully come out. Your bully will always love you till the end of time, so it is only right to show him all of your affections also. Love is a powerful reinforcement that your bully can sense. The bond that you will share with your bully will be like no other! By giving your bully all of your love, he will stay healthy for a long time.

By. Clark Lee

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